DNA Methylation Analysis

Loci-specific Methylation

• Targeted bisulfite NGS
• Pyrosequencing

Global Methylation

• Transposable elements

Expression Analysis

Expression Profiling

• miRNA Profiling
• RNA-Seq

Gene Expression Analysis

• Realtime PCR
• Digital PCR

GLP/GCP Laboratory Services

GLP/GCP Services

• Methylation Analysis
• Mutation Analysis
• Expression Analysis

CLIA Certified Tests

• LINE-1 Methylation
MGMT Promoter Methylation
• Cancer Mutation analysis


SNP Genotyping

• Targeted NGS
• Pyrosequencing

Point Mutation Analysis

• Allele quantification

Featured Services & Products


human DNA methylation controls

  • Serve as reference standards
  • Targeted bisulfite NGS
  • Pyrosequencing
  • MS-HRM methylation analysis
  • Available as:
  • Low and high methylated DNA
  • Methylation Calibration Standards
  • Human, mouse, rat, monkey & others

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FOXP3 Methylation Panel

human foxp3 methylation kit

  • Available as:
  • Panel or single assay
  • 20 human genes
  • 6 mouse genes
  • FOXP3 TSDR demethylation
  • Compatible with:
  • Targeted bisulfite NGS
  • MS-HRM
  • Pyrosequencing

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LINE-1 Methylation ANALYSIS

human LINE-1 methylation kit

  • Used for global methylation analysis
  • Candidate drug screening
  • PD/PK Studies
  • Pre-clinical dosing
  • Clinical dose escalation

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human MGMT methylation control

  • Selected target CpG sites
  • Common targets
    • Recommended by CAP
    • Tested by: MS-HRM, MethLight, EPIC Array
  • Bisulfite sequencing methods:
    • Targeted bisulfite NGS
    • Pyrosequencing
    • Provide the best Predictive Value

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Over 15,000 Off-the-Shelf Validated DNA Methylation Assays

Available for Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, and more.

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