DNA Methylation Analysis

Loci-specific Methylation

• Targeted bisulfite NGS
• Pyrosequencing

Global Methylation

• Transposable elements
Line-1 | Alu | LTR

Expression Analysis

Expression Profiling

• miRNA Profiling
• RNA-Seq

Gene Expression Analysis

• Realtime PCR
• Digital PCR

GLP/GCP Laboratory Services

GLP/GCP Services

• Methylation Analysis
• Mutation Analysis
• Expression Analysis

CLIA Certified Tests

• Line-1 Methylation
• MGMT Methylation
• Cancer Mutation analysis


SNP Genotyping

• Targeted NGS
• Pyrosequencing

Point Mutation Analysis

• Allele quantification

Genomic and Epigenomic Research Company

A Genomic and Epigenomic Research Company

We provide a unique and customized scientific solution to each project. EpigenDx is dedicated to providing superior products and laboratory services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic communities. Our technical expertise, focus on quality, and rapid turnaround time have made us a dependable partner to our customers worldwide since 2006.

Featured Services & Products


human DNA methylation controls

  • Serve as reference standards
  • Targeted bisulfite NGS
  • Pyrosequencing
  • MS-HRM methylation analysis
  • Available as:
  • Low and high methylated DNA
  • Methylation Calibration Standards
  • Human, mouse, rat, monkey & others

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FOXP3 Methylation Panel

human foxp3 methylation kit

  • Available as:
  • Panel or single assay
  • 20 human genes
  • 6 mouse genes
  • FOXP3 TSDR demethylation
  • Compatible with:
  • Targeted bisulfite NGS
  • MS-HRM
  • Pyrosequencing

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LINE-1 Methylation ANALYSIS

human LINE-1 methylation kit

  • Represents ~17% of human genome
  • Candidate drug screening
  • PD/PK Studies
  • Pre-clinical dosing
  • Clinical dose escalation

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human MGMT methylation control

  • Selected target CpG sites
  • Common targets
    • Recommended by CAP
    • Tested by: MS-HRM, MethLight, EPIC Array
  • Bisulfite sequencing methods:
    • Targeted bisulfite NGS
    • Pyrosequencing
    • Provide the best Predictive Value

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Over 15,000 Off-the-Shelf Validated DNA Methylation Assays

Available for Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, and more.

What Our Customers Say

I think your team did a great job of handling these samples in a workflow that incorporated bisulfite treatment but also minimized losses.- Stephen Juvet, MD, PhD, FRCPC
EpigenDx is not one of those technical service providers who just run machines following routine protocols for business. They are epigenetics research experts, who always seek for the best solution for each individual project. My core facility gave up operating pyrosequencing after I realized that EpigenDx provides better service with deeper knowledge, quicker turnover time, and more affordable cost than we could offer. I myself am now a happy and returning customer.- Dr. Toshi Shioda - Director of Molecular Profiling Laboratory

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