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MGMT Promoter Methylation In Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is the most common form of primary brain cancer in adults, with a median survival rate of 12-15 months. Although nearly all glioblastomas recur, initial treatments may keep the tumor controlled for months or even years. MGMT promoter methylation has been shown to be associated with improved outcomes in glioblastoma patients, especially after treatment with alkylating chemotherapy. To quantify CpG methylation within the MGMT gene promoter, researchers used bisulfite modification of tumor DNA and real-time PCR. Therefore, our MGMT methylation tests can help guide clinicians with treatment decisions.

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EpigenDx’s MGMT Methylation Assays

    • 10 Methylation assays quantify up to 38 CpG sites from -500 bp to +200 of MGMT
    • Four assays (ASY514-FS3, ASY470-FS1, ASY470-FS2, and ASY1518) are CUA validated
    • Compatible with targeted bisulfite NGS, bisulfite Pyrosequencing, and MS-HRM.
    • Provide % methylation at single base resolution.
    • Reproducable, sensitive & quick turn-around time.
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O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase, known as MGMT, repairs damaged guanine nucleotides by transferring the methyl at O6 site of guanine to its cysteine residues, thus avoiding cell death, gene mutation and tumorigenesis caused by alkylating agents.

MGMT Panel Price
Assay IDs:

ASY514A | ASY1518 | ASY470-FS1 | ASY470-FS2


Species: Human (Homo sapiens)
Platform: Bisulfite Pyrosequencing
Stats: 25 CpG sites | 4 Assays
  • Useful in treatment decisions for patients with high-grade gliomas
  • Has prognostic and predictive value for glioblastoma patients
  • Primers compatible with Pyrosequencing and Real-Time PCR based HRM technologies
  • Primers good for 300 reactions

EpigenDx offers 4 validated MGMT methylation tests covering a total of 25 CpG sites in the Promoter, Exon 1, and Intron 1 regions of the MGMT gene:

Assay ID Species Platform # of CpGs Region Price
ASY514A Human (Homo Sapiens) Bisulfite Pyrosequencing 6 Promoter
ASY1518 Human (Homo Sapiens) Bisulfite Pyrosequencing 4 Intron 1
ASY470-FS1 Human (Homo Sapiens) Bisulfite Pyrosequencing 7 Exon 1
ASY470-FS2 Human (Homo Sapiens) Bisulfite Pyrosequencing 8 Exon 1 & Intron 1

O-6metilguanina scientific symbols

Clinical Significance

In the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme, methylation of the O6-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter has emerged as a major prognostic predictor. Methylation (or hypermethylation) of the MGMT gene promoter inhibits or inactivates the MGMT enzyme’s normal DNA-repair function, making tumors more vulnerable to radiotherapy or alkylating agent-based therapy. MGMT methylation has been reported in other tumors including lung, lymphoma, and colorectal and alkylating agents and/or radiation therapy may be considered in these cases.

MGMT Gene Methylation and Response to Alkylating Agents

Human, MGMT – Assay ID: ASY470-FS1

Human, MGMT - ASY470 Assay - EpigenDx

Gene methylation is a DNA-based gene expression regulation method. Methylation levels in gene promoter regions can be aberrant or elevated in cancer (hypermethylated). This epigenetic change to DNA prevents the gene from performing its function, resulting in the protein encoded by the gene not being created or being produced at a low level.

O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) is an important DNA repair enzyme in a healthy person. During the progression of cancer, this gene’s activity or function is usually lost. When the MGMT gene or function is lost, an individual is more vulnerable to DNA damage and tumor growth. However, once the cancer has progressed, the presence or absence of MGMT activity is no longer a factor.

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