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Products for DNA Methylation

EpigenDx manufactures products for genomic and epigenomic research.

We specialize in products for DNA methylation analysis, such as methylation controls, panels, and validated primer sets for methylation studies.

Methylation Controls

EpigenDx manufactures chemically treated high and low methylated genomic control DNA for human, mouse, and rat DNA methylation assays. They are tested on numerous gene-specific and global methylation assays, and are available as pre-mixed calibration standards…

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Methylation Assay Panels

EpigenDx provides methylation assay panels designed for the quantitative methylation profiling of genes interrelated by function, such as tumor suppressor genes, pluripotency-associated genes, and more. They are customizable with any of EpigenDx’s validated pre-developed assays…

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Validated Bisulfite Sequencing Primers

EpigenDx provides carefully designed validated PCR Primer sets tailored to your research needs. They are validated using bisulfite treatment and quantitative Pyrosequencing methylation analysis technology, and are tested to ensure that methylated and unmethylated DNA amplify…

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