Methylation Controls

Scientific Overview

Keep your DNA methylation experiments in control.

EpigenDx offers in vitro, enzymatically methylated gDNA controls for your DNA methylation experiments. Our controls have been used on more than 14,000 gene-specific and global methylation assays using targeted bisulfite NGS (tNGBS), Pyrosequencing, and Methylation Sensitive High-Resolution Melting (MS-HRM). They are recommended for use in DNA methylation assay development, optimization, and validation to ensure assay linearity, specificity, and reproducibility for research and clinical applications.

Premixed Calibration Standards

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Methylation Control Data

Pyrosequencing Results

Fig. 1a: Methylation levels in low methylated DNA using mouse Line-1 Pyrosequencing methylation assay.
low methylated control chart

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Targeted Bisulfite NGS (tNGBS) Results

Fig. 1b: Mouse Cd274 methylation results using mouse Foxp3 Methylation Panel (N4V1P17) in mouse methylation controls as reference materials.
PCR Bias Testing Results

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MS-HRM Assay Validation Data

Fig. 1c: Human FOXP3 TSDR MS-HRM Assay validation using human methylation calibration standards
MS-HRM_data table

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HRM standard curve data chart

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Fig. 1d: Human Methylation QC using human BRCA promoter methylation assay
BRCA1 Pyrosequencing Methylation Testing Results

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Experts in DNA Methylation

Custom Panel Design

With over 15 years of experience, EpigenDx offers customizable DNA Methylation analysis for specific gene targets of your interest. We offer rapid turnaround time for clinical trials and molecular diagnosis as well as MGMT/Line-1/Foxp3 tests for HRM realtime PCR, Pyrosequencing, and targeted bisulfite NGS. Simply send us custom target regions with your genes of interest. We will design and validate a panel of assays suited to your research interests.

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