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References and Literature

References and Literature

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EpigenDx provides epigenetic and genomic services to many academic and corporate institutions. Our high quality research staff and technical support team have worked with many of these customers, helping interpret data and suggesting alternative routes to their research. EpigenDx analyzes thousands of samples annually, across different applications and research goals. Search our database of published journal articles that have referenced EpigenDx’s epigenomic and genomic services.

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Pyrosequencing is an Effective Method for the Quantitative Analysis of Global and Gene-specific DNA Methylation Using Low Quantities of DNA
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The Use of Pyrosequencing as a Valuable Tool for Detecting Epigenetic and Genetic Alterations in Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines (TT24)
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Pyrosequencing Methylation Profile of Seven Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines (ST07)
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Pyrosequencing Methylation Profile of Five Breast Cancer Cell Lines (ST09)
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Technical Sheets

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Human Line-1 Assays

Cancer Methylation Panel

Human Methylation Control DNA

MGMT Methylation Panel

Line-1 Global Methylation Analysis

Immunology Methylation Panel

Human FOXP3 ADS783 Methylation Assay

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