EGFR Gene Methylation

EGFR Methylation Analysis

The EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) protein is a growth-promoting protein found on cells. A mutation in the EGFR gene can cause it to overgrow, which can lead to cancer.

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EGFR Methylation Analysis

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PCR Method for Identification of EGFR

EGFR Mutation Lung Cancer. EGFR stands for ‘epidermal growth factor receptor’ and an EGFR mutation (or biomarker) can negatively affect how the EGFR protein functions. EGFR is a protein expressed on the surface of cells. It is most commonly found on cells on the skin, although it can be found elsewhere in the body. EGFR mutation detection by specific amplification of mutant alleles. Mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor have been discovered in association with some lung cancers.

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