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EpigenDx provides custom genetic and epigenetic laboratory services to academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers. With nearly fifteen years of expertise in DNA methylation, our laboratory offers quality services, rapid turnaround time, and excellent technical support. Our customizable services range from targeted DNA methylation assays to allelic expression analysis.

Over 15,000 Off-the-Shelf Validated DNA Methylation Assays

Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, and more.

Laboratory Applications

DNA Methylation Analysis

Bisulfite Pyrosequencing

Study gene-specific and global methylation levels of individual CpG sites at high resolution and accuracy. Learn More

Targeted Next-Generation
Bisulfite Sequencing

Study DNA methylation in multiple targets simultaneously with targeted Next-Gen Bisulfite Sequencing. Learn More

Mutation & SNP Analysis

Pyrosequencing for Allele-Specific Quantification

Highly accurate quantitative allele-specific measurements for SNPs and heterogeneous mutations. Learn More

Genome-Wide Microarray
SNP Profiling

1.8 million SNPs and copy number probes with Affymetrix’s Genome-Wide Human SNP 6.0 microarray. Learn More

Expression Analysis

Microarray Expression and miRNA Profiling

Gene expression and miRNA analysis solutions with Affymetrix GeneChip™ arrays. Learn More.

Clinical Genetic Testing

CLIA Certified Genetic Testing

Mutation and methylation analysis for clinical diagnostic purposes. Learn More.


Experts in DNA Methylation

Your End-To-End Partner for Worldwide Clinical Trials

EpigenDx is a global clinical research laboratory specializing in phase I-IV clinical trial sample management. Clinical trial sponsors can send their collected samples to us and we will perform the analysis on their behalf. Whether you’re seeking the discovery of unknown epigenetic changes or the assessment of DNA methylation within particular regulatory regions/genes of interest, EpigenDx’s scientific teams can guide you in the selection of the most appropriate assay to meet your research needs.


We understand the need for speed while remaining completely committed to accuracy, your timeline is our timeline. We prioritize communication and objectives in order to achieve and guarantee that we meet your study timelines.


EpigenDx provides exceptional quality in all of our service areas. You will have peace of mind knowing that QPS is committed to precisely managing every area of your preclinical or clinical study and delivering only the finest quality outputs.


EpigenDx provides a wide range of services, including preclinical and clinical research. Our preclinical section includes Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, and a few others.  Early and late phase clinical studies and full range of clinical research support services offered in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

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