Immunology Panel

Immunology Methylation Panel

Analysis of the percentage methylation levels of multiple genomic loci showing the relationship between immunology and DNA methylation. The Immunology Methylation Panel measures methylation levels of CpG sites at multiple regions in the genome important for the function of the immune system. We achieve this by bisulfite modification and multiplex PCR followed by Next Generation Sequencing. The assays in this panel are pre-validated to ensure no preferential amplification for either methylated or unmethylated DNA, providing the quantitation of DNA methylation at base pair resolution.

Immunology DNA Methylation Panel - EpigenDx

Step One | Select Your Targets

Choose from our carefully designed panel of 16 genes, and choose some of your own targets. We will design and validate any additional assays you choose to add to the panel.

Information: Immunology Methylation Panel
Species: Human (Homo sapiens)
Stats: 95 CpG sites over 16 genes using 20 amplicons
Full Gene List: TNFRSF25, IL2, IL4, IL7R, CD247, CD40, IL1B, TNFRS10C, IL8, CD44, CXCR3, TNF, IL13, MMP1, MMP3, MMP13
Panel Summary: View our full list of NGS methylation assays offered in the Immunology Methylation Panel.

For Treg-related genes, see our FOXP3 Methylation Panel

Step Two | Choose an Ideal Plan for You

Choose the services that are appropriate and ideal for your needs. All parts of our methylation services are customizable and modular. We offer services in:

Item No. Service Description Price

NGS Assay Design

Assay design based on customer-submitted target region(s).

  • Includes the cost of oligos


Targeted Next-Gen Sequencing

Custom target gene sequencing using Ion Torrent instruments:

  • Customer provides the PCR amplicons
  • EpigenDx constructs the library and performs Next-Gen Sequencing


Targeted Next-Gen Sequencing

Custom target gene sequencing using Ion Torrent instruments:

  • Customer provides tissue samples or isolated DNA
  • EpigenDx performs:
    • DNA extraction
    • Bisulfite modification
    • Multiplex PCR
    • Library construction
    • Next-Gen Sequencing
8100a NGS Data Analysis Preliminary data analysis of NGS generated sequencing data. Inquire

Step Three | Results

EpigenDx analyzes the raw data and delivers:

  • The percentage methylation values of each CpG site in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  • Sequencing data in a FASTQ file.

Interpretation of Data

Methylation data can then be applied to research. For example, increased DNA methylation at specific CpG sites in the promoter region of genes is a hallmark of many cancers.

Speak with experts at EpigenDx for high quality technical support and consultation through all phases of the project, from assay design to data delivery.

Experts Since 2006

Custom Panel Design

With over 15 years of experience, EpigenDx offers customizable DNA Methylation analysis for specific gene targets of your interest. We offer rapid turnaround time for clinical trials and molecular diagnosis as well as MGMT/Line-1/Foxp3 tests for HRM realtime PCR, Pyrosequencing, and targeted bisulfite NGS. Simply send us custom target regions with your genes of interest. We will design and validate a panel of assays suited to your research interests.
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