BDNF Panel

BDNF Methylation Assays

The BDNF gene, member of the neurotrophin family, encodes a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor which includes NGF, NT-3, and NT-4/5. It is a neurotrophin, or nerve growth factor, that promotes the survival of existing neurons and the formation of new neurons from neural stem cells. The BDNF gene has eight different promoters and eight possible transcripts.

EpigenDx offers BDNF gene methylation assays and analysis services, which cover a total of ten gene regions within BDNF and 101 CpG sites.

Human BDNF

Human BDNF: This gene structure zooms in on three particular areas of the BDNF gene. Red markers are CpG sites covered by at least one of EpigenDx’s pre-developed assays (ADS). Blue X’s are all other CpG sites.

epigendx_bdnf panel_CpG sites

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Bisulfite Based DNA Methylation Analysis

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