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EpigenDx cancer methylation panel

Product Description

Analyze percentage DNA methylation levels of multiple genomic regions in a single methylation assay panel.

Instead of analyzing each genomic locus one by one, targeted Next Generation Sequencing allows us to analyze an entire panel of genes while maintaining the same quality of analysis at each CpG site. It’s flexible, and it’s efficient.

Featured Methylation Panels

FoxP3 Panel

Originally designed to probe FOXP3’s Treg-specific demethylated region (TSDR), the panel has grown to include many genes involved in…
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BDNF Panel

The BDNF gene encodes a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It is a neurotrophin, or nerve growth factor…..
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Cancer Panel

The silencing of tumor suppressor genes via DNA hypermethylation and the overexpression of transposable elements via global DNA….
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Immunology Panel

Analysis of the percentage methylation levels of multiple genomic loci showing the relationship between immunology and DNA methylation…
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Stem Cell Panel

Covers 790 CpG sites within 33 human genes, including pluripotency-associated genes, DNA methyltransferases, imprinted genes….
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Custom Panel

Create your own multiplex assay. Partnering with the EpigenDx preclinical and clinical teams has never been easier. To begin, we set up a…
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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. EpigenDx provides custom assay design and analytical services with an assay database of thousands of Off-the-Shelf designs ready to go. Not only do we provide aggressive timelines with regular project updates, you will also get the highest quality technical support and consultation from design phase through project completion and data delivery.


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Custom Panel Design

EpigenDx offers customizable DNA Methylation analysis for specific gene targets of your interest. We offer rapid turnaround time for clinical trials and molecular diagnosis as well as MGMT/Line-1/Foxp3 tests for HRM realtime PCR, Pyrosequencing, and targeted bisulfite NGS. Simply send us custom target regions with your genes of interest. We will design and validate a panel of assays suited to your research interests.
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